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Today, we are facing the challenge of rebuilding the nation’s financial system. Understandably, most banks and other financial institutions are scrutinizing every expense and eliminating those that do not promise to increase revenue streams.

But white collar criminals - be they small-time 
crooks or international terrorist financiers - are taking advantage of this opportunity to further entrench themselves in the banking infrastructure, positioning themselves for the next round of account fraud, on-line fraud, check fraud, payments fraud and other financial crimes.
We must not lose focus on the constantly changing face of financial institution fraud.

Aggressive, cross-channel, cross-enterprise 
Fraud Management for all financial institutions is more important than ever before.

Is your organization as prepared as it can be?
    Recent White Papers:

Beyond Compliance: Integrating New Regulations into Your Risk Management Practice, produced in collaboration with The Santa Fe Group. The white paper can be downloaded free of charge (registration required) through: The Santa Fe Group.

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Jodi Pratt & Associates is the leading fraud risk management consulting practice in the U.S., focused expressly on the challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions and the financial services industry:

Our fraud consulting services are focused on helping you, our Bank/Financial Institution clients:

▪  Strengthen your fraud prevention and fraud detection capabilities: create, update and/or integrate your fraud technologies and the "4 Ps" - policies, procedures, processes and practices - to address emerging fraud risk threats. 

▪  Optimize your fraud management
decrease your losses and loss
exposure; increase your productivity and effectiveness; improve customer perception. 

▪  Realize your long-term fraud strategy:  articulate your fraud risk management vision; benchmark where you are; build a plan that will get you where you want to be; create 
metrics and trend reporting to communicate your fraud risk management successes.

▪  Enhance the value of your BSA/AML and fraud risk oriented regulatory compliance efforts: fraud management and ompliance are two sides of the same coin; optimize fraud 
reduction results while ensuring regulatory 

▪  Provide fraud education for your internal fraud staff and management: deepen fraud expertise within your organization; improve fraud detection and fraud prevention skills through a better understanding bank fraud objectives and options.
Our fraud product development and consulting services are focused on helping you, our Fraud Solution Provider clients:

▪  Build better solutions:
  the fraud detection
and fraud prevention needs of your prospects
will differ based on type of institution, size, geographic presence, target market, existing technology infrastructure - how you can open
our fraud solution to serve the largest share of
the market.

▪  Build convincing business cases: each organization is driven by a number of different organizational goals beyond ROI - what are the other important factors that will help you win
their business. 

▪  Understand what prospects need: too many fraud solution providers forget to listen to what
the prospect has to tell them about what they need - how to hear what the client is telling you.

▪  Look into the future"check fraud",
"payment fraud", "deposit account fraud", "identity fraud", "on-line fraud", "insider fraud" - and the list goes on and continues to grow. Bank fraud is ever changing and your customers need forward-looking fraud solutions - you need to know where your customers want to go to remain competitive.

▪  Creating recurring revenues: How to
maintain strong, long-term relationships with your risk management customers.

JP&A also provides Bank Operations and Fraud Management Expert Witness Services.

"Bank Fraud" affects many different financial institutions and causes direct hits to your bottom line, to your customers' trust and to your shareholders confidence. Reduce fraud exposure and loss, improve fraud avoidance, keep those hard earned profits and deepen customer loyalty. Let Jodi Pratt & Associates help you maximize your fraud management investment now.